“Ill” Legal immigration; or what I like to call “moving”

This post is not my typical genre but it does have a direct and lasting affect in my life – so I will talk about it. 

It doesn’t affect me in the typical, mainstream-political-race-bating-American exceptionalism-xenophobic-vote buying-potential terrorist kind of way. No – it’s much more subtle. And by subtle, I mean not at all. 

When my wife moved to America (from Finland) in 2012 to be with the coolest guy ever, we chose the non traditional form of “immigration”. I think it was called following the law? Something like that. Anyway, the hoops that we had to jump through were oblong and smaller than a cheerio. They were literally that small. Squeezing through them was extremely difficult. Actually jumping through it was impossible. 

The dump trucks that delivered the paper work arrived months behind schedule and they just dumped them all in one big pile on our front lawn leaving large gaping tire tracks into the sunken grass. The wind had picked up and the papers scattered through the breeze like a massive blast from a confetti gun. Then came the rain…

My terrible metaphor is rediculous, but it does describe how government bureaucracies function. When competition is not allowed, there is no need to focus on customer satisfaction. 

When I hear about massive swarms of 3rd world illegal immigrants getting direct access to the government tit, I am astonished. I distinctly recall having to sign papers stating that I alone, was responsible for 100% support of my wife and she MAY NEVER take even a single slice of moldy government cheese and if she was not able to be fully supported by me, she would be on a plane back to her country of origin. Oh, and she is restricted from working in America for the first two years because…we say so. 

I’m not saying I wanted or needed any of the governments stolen money to support my wife but the double standard made an involuntary but audible dry heave sound from deep within me. 

The process to legally move my wife here was not only extremely expensive, it was also unnesassarily complicated. The language on each document was in Sanskrit and wing dings. Because I failed in those two language courses, we had a hell of a time answering what should’ve been simple, basic questions. 

The constant mistakes made by the receivers of our paper piles were simply idiotic. These people do this for a living and they were the dictionary definition of incompetent. When we finally received my wife’s first Green card – which took years to acquire, they put the wrong last name on it which meant we couldn’t acquire a matching social security card which meant no traveling back home for my wife. We complained to them about the typo And they respond with “you must pay $450.00 for a new green card.” Isn’t that lovely! After some internet searches, I quickly noticed we were not an exception to the rule. This was a problem for many applicants. 

One mistake I can understand. But it’s now 2016 and we are still waiting for her properly named Green card. We received a letter yesterday stating they wanted more proof that we are actually married. Seriously? Would a sex tape suffice? Or how about one of your little workers come down, set up some cameras in our home and make a reality TV show about how married we are because we have proven it beyond any other measure possible. 

The incentives to do the right thing are backwards in many aspects of our governing bodies. I don’t have a pull to break the law by any means but many people do. There are a lot of people who have zero moral lines or boundaries and they will do whatever they can get away with. This is even more true for people coming from the third world. 

11 thoughts on ““Ill” Legal immigration; or what I like to call “moving”

      • There is so much red tape and paperwork. They ask the same questions over and over. I actually thought we’d have a harder time than we did. Sounds like you’ve had a rough go of it!

        Why couldn’t your wife work for two years? TheBrit got a work authorization within three months of our marriage. He was out of work for about six months. Then again they didn’t screw up his green card. I can’t imagine the mess that would make. Have you tried an infopass appointment?

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      • We did go in to the main office location on two different occasions to try and straighten things out. The main issue now is they somehow put my dead fathers name in place of mine. I’m not sure how they managed that one but it’s one thing after another. She is now able to work but it took a long time before we had the basic paperwork in order.

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      • What a mess for you guys. TheBrit would have gone stark raving mad if he hadn’t been able to work for two years. Six months nearly killed him!

        It sounds like utter incompetence, yet what we’ve encountered has been exactly the opposite. We’ve already applied for conditions to be removed and have been waiting quite a while for that. I suppose you haven’t even been able to do that if the original temporary green card is still totally FUBAR?

        I, too, hear the stories spouted by Republicans about how the illegal immigrants are getting benefits and have wondered how that could possibly be so. I didn’t think you could even apply for such without authentic credentials. I had to sign the document stating I would be responsible for TheBrit financially. I think he could apply for and potentially get means tested benefits but the government would come knocking on my door expecting me to reimburse them for any benefits he might have gotten. For 10 full years or until he becomes a U.S. Citizen.

        It seems like every little thing is another $1000.00. I’m surprised that to fix a green card is only $450.00, though you’d think since it’s their mistake it would be no cost to you.

        We ended up hiring an attorney for the initial K1 but once we got past that stage we’ve been going it on our own. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it but visajourney.com is a forum for those looking to immigrate with how-to guides and advice from people who have already been through the process.

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      • She was able to start eventually and even though the green card was created with mistakes the process semi continued on. I believe we are having the conditions removed as well. I’ve studied quite a bit about US consensus and there are many households that accept assistance without citizenship. How they do it, I don’t care to dive into that mess. Waste of time and I don’t really care how they do it. They told us the 10yr limit as well. We are now far enough along that we know what’s next, etc. unless they mess up more paperwork. Most of the issues I blogged about were past issues that we have fixed. I believe the only issue we are seeing now is they switched me and my dads name. I appreciate the tips as well. It’s also comforting to talk with someone else who has done something similar even though you had less snag-ups. It was quite the journey. It was well worth the work. I wouldn’t trade my wife for anything in the world.

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  1. I’m so sorry Dustin, I had no idea you are STILL dealing with all the crap. When one is honest it seems the Cheerio becomes smaller and smaller. With no “affection” to the Cheer in Cheerio either. Maybe you should have moved to Mexico then came across, maybe you would have your papers in order by now. This is why I do not, and have not EVER voted, because there is too much corruption everywhere, and the rules do not apply for all Americans. You should not have to pay for their incompetence and stupidity. However did they confuse your late father as you, and have to continually prove that you are married…to say the least I’m pissed!

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