My book is finally finished!


I wanted to write a quick post about what has been going on over the past few months. I haven’t been consistent in posting on my blog….consistent or non-existent? Either way I haven’t posted here in a long while. Here’s what has been going on in my life-

I have stayed sober. Sobriety, or rather, the urge to use drugs has not been a problem. Of course I think about it from time to time still but there hasn’t been an emotional or psychological mind or body reaction to my thoughts. They have all been more of a “look-back” at the past. No stomach-turning roller coaster drops of drug induced fantasies. Nothing like that.

My wife and I have grown a passion and love for reptiles. We have acquired a lot of beautiful ball pythons over the past 6 months and if someone had told me that snakes each have their own personality, I would have told them they are insane. Sure enough, snakes are pure awesomeness. Some are cuddlers while others like to pretend they are a rock. “You can’t see me! I am a rock!” Some people don’t consider “being a rock” as having a personality but I have met people with far less statuesque ability. I don’t want to make this a blog about our pets so I’ll end this with a picture of our snake named Wanda.

Shifting gears a bit, I found myself hesitating on completing my memoir. My father and I started the book almost 9 years ago. We had countless meetings together trying to flesh out each other’s work, coordinating his chapter with mine; which we wrote in separate homes at seperate times by discussing important talking points. It was a large amount of work but at least we were in it together. After my father passed away I felt extremely lost. I felt lost because I knew I would never be able to talk to my father but I also felt lost with the book project. It was so close to completion. I did have our editor’s help and my family members, but it still made me feel empty and alone. The project seemed to lose its meaning in a way. I felt we had built a special bond during his last years here. Maybe realizing that my dad did all that work to never get to see it completed made me feel that pain. I don’t know exactly why it became so difficult to finish. We had so many great discussions about what it would be like to have seen the book completely done, bound, and in our hand.

I finally finished the book. Despite what my false self was yelling in my ear. I knew it was mostly lies and fear. I can’t blame the fear. After all, My memoir don’t paint me as a shining moral hero. I titled the book – A Walk in His Shoes. Β It released on Amazon and Kindle on December 3.

I will write a more thorough post this weekend detailing more of what has been going on. If anyone is still interested in reading my memoir, you can get it as a hardcopy or as an ebook. If you are wanting to read it but don’t have the funds to purchase the book, let me know and we can work out a trade. Thanks everyone!

Hard copy—> Β CLICK HERE!

Ebook——-> CLICK HERE!

A Walk in His Shoes

Facebook page—> CLICK HERE!

On the Facebook page, I am giving a free signed copy of the book away on the most recent Facebook post. If you are interested in winning a signed copy of the book, click the Facebook link above. Thanks everyone!


19 thoughts on “My book is finally finished!

    • Thank you feeling! If you need help getting a copy, please let me know. I will gladly trade a copy of my book for an Amazon or goodreads review of the book. Reviews of my book are very helpful. πŸ™‚ That snippet you read a while back is fully fleshed out in the book with more explanation and direction. Thank you for stopping in- as you always did. πŸ™‚

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      • My first reaction to the ‘that snippet’ is ‘ooh f@ck!!’ that is going to be really, really walking in your shoes. But the book has a good ending not? You are Dustin, and alive, and a beautiful soul. πŸ™‚
        Yes I would like to read it and free or not I am never too shy to give my (not so) humble opinion. πŸ˜‰
        I’ll pm you.
        xx, Feeling

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      • It’s funny you say that. I told a guy at my work “not to spoil the ending of my book but the lead character survives” lol I appreciate your sentiment. πŸ™‚ that would be awesome! Just lemmi know.

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      • Hey Dustin,
        I am very happy and grateful that you survived. πŸ™‚ On my behalf: thank you for taking that effort. Thank you for hanging on, thank you for showing that there is a way out, thank you for sharing your knowledge and pressence with those who have to walk the same path. So, yeah, thank you. πŸ™‚ ❀
        I send you a 'Hangout; message on throug Google mail. It is in the bottom left cornere of your G-mail page where the phone sign etc. is.
        xx, Feeling

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      • I appreciate that. πŸ™‚ I always knew in the back of my mind that that wasn’t a place for me. I was trapped but at the same time I knew I was going to get out. It was a small space in me but it was always there. I remember it vividly. I hate how sometimes we have to use the word “that” twice in a row. That that. So dumb. Lol

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      • I am happy for you, I only saw darkness in the end. I truely believed there was no redemption and life was going to be bad untill I died. Then finally, when all doors were closed the only thing I could do was quit. And the whole world changed. πŸ™‚
        That that, gheghe, I use those but it is very unenglish, which is ok for me then πŸ˜€

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      • I’m glad you made it out. If I made it with a small glimmer of hope and you made it with no hope- our thoughts don’t control our outcome? Is my logic incorrect? Maybe I’m minimizing or simplifying it too much. Either way we made it and that’s pretty damn cool πŸ™‚

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      • Ooh no, I phrased that incorrectly. At the moment I phrased that I emotionally stepped back in time and then realised I am SO happy that I quit. Lots has changed. Every day brings me closer to an understanding of how addiction works in me, how widespread it is and I even had instructions in my dreams on how to deal with it the other day. That was cool. πŸ™‚ Current problems are on trying to get back into ‘living’ and earning money. πŸ™‚ I’m still wrestling with the bookstoreman and disfunctional love-concepts, but that is ok, good practice. πŸ™‚ I think I am doing well and I am on my path, it is just that the tax office does not value spiritual growth as a currency. πŸ™‚
        And don’t worry: you should be caught up in promoting your book! πŸ™‚ That is GOOD! πŸ™‚ Enjoy! I can only imagine that it is very intense, coming out with the good and the bad, no curtains, no fog, no mercy, just your own truth to set you free. Maybe ‘enjoy’ is not the right word. Wishing you a good journey.
        xx, Feeling

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      • That makes more sense! I was way off sorry about that. Just be careful out there. Remember that the people we are around are just shadows of our principles. Lol about the tax office. They could use a little spiritual love reciprocation. πŸ˜‰


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