$25 Gift card winner!

There were 4 people who entered to get a free $25 gift card to Amazon. Those are pretty good odds!

My wife just drew the winner.

Poesjunk you won!

Thanks everyone!


4 thoughts on “$25 Gift card winner!

  1. It seems you have hit the nail firmly on its head? I think so anyway.

    One thing you might consider exploring is how the black market goes deep into society and authority. For example, all the mafia groups in Italy use a coat-of-arms. To let the people know exactly who they are. Those who do the actual dirty work, I doubt they are the same as those who fund it?

    It is plainly obvious, to me. That those who profit from the black market, are those who would vehemently oppose liberalizing laws around any product, they make money from. Portugal one of the few countries that have tried this route.

    Meanwhile countries like Canada and the U.S. to some extent. The taxpayers, are being held hostage by rhetoric from politicians. Who after more than a quarter century of “war” and millions of tax dollars spent are no further forward in helping society, to get straight. Cheers Jamie.

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    • That’s a good point. I agree with that. For a mafia to be against the war on drugs would be like a pharmaceutical company that created a cancer symptom medication to fund and cheer on a scientist who is trying to cure cancer completely. It’s sad how many reverse incentives are set up in a state centered society. When the FDA fails to stop a vicious illness from spreading, no one is held responsible for their massive incompetence. Instead they are given even more funding. As if more damn money can fix idiocy and incompetence. Thanks for the link and your thoughts on the topic. Good stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. You’re we;come! I could go further and point a finger at the secret society, which controls government and the judicial system, along with most large corporate interest etc. But I won’t. That’s for others to determine. Cheers Jamie.

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