Road Trip to the West Coast



To receive my wife’s passport, we have to drive to the Finnish Embassy in Los Angeles next month. We have decided that since we have to make the trip to the west coast, we will turn it into a fun and exciting vacation. I plan to do a blog post on our trip when we return home. It will include pictures and maybe one or two short video clips. If any of my readers who have never (or have) been to Vegas or California would like a picture or short video of anything specific, let me know and I will see if I can make it happen. Also, if you know of any awesome or amazing places that are a “must see”, I am open to suggestions! Please give your feedback and comments!

Here is our current route for our trip.

We will drive to Las Vegas from our home in Utah. Spending the first evening absorbing the views and dining under the lights of The Vegas Strip. We will be staying our first night at Caesars Palace (No, the REAL Caesar never lived there). see clip—->

"Is this the REAL Caesar's Palace?"

“Is this the REAL Caesar’s Palace?”

The next day we plan to continue on through the Nevada desert into Southern California. We are staying 5 nights in Anaheim. We had a difficult time choosing our hotel because there are about 300,000 hotels surrounding the fence line of Disneyland. But at the same time, we don’t want to drive more than we have to. I will let you know how the hotel is when we get back. I think it will work out well.

We are going to do both amusement parks that Disneyland has. Disneyland Park and Adventureland. Because the resort is so large, we are going to do Disneyland Park one day and Adventureland the next day. My wife, being from Finland, has never been to Disneyland and she has always wanted to go. She is an avid collector of Disney movies. I am anticipating an overflowing waterfall of joy and happiness pouring from my wife’s entire body upon arriving to the park. I must admit, I am feeling a bit whimsical myself. We both deserve a carefree week of fun and enjoyment and I am looking forward to our trip.

The 3rd day we are going to Universal Studios to test out their “front of the line” passes. Nothing better than a passive-aggressive “haha! sucker!” to all the sun-baked people who have been patiently waiting in line for 2 1/2 hours. As long as we avoid any smirking or eye contact everything should be okay.

What is your favorite thing to do and see here?

What is your favorite thing to do and see here?

The 4th day will be mostly open for sight-seeing, great food and exploring. Walk of Fame, Museum of Death, sandy beaches, city roaming, things like that.

Day 5  we wanted to drive to the Sequoia National Forest and get up close to those monstrous sequoia trees. I am a little concerned that too much of the forest will still be closed from winter snowfall. If that is the case, we will have some more free time to roam around Southern California.

Later that evening we will drive back into Las Vegas and spend the night at Treasure Island.

The next morning we will drive back to Utah. A part of my back story while using heroin and other drugs took place in Las Vegas. Being homeless and walking the streets of Vegas is a much different place than it is when you are sober and have purpose. Another distant reminder of what my life was, to what it is today. Making fresh, bright and sober memories from a past that is all but forgotten. I am truly grateful for the chance to rebuild my life from the solid ground up.

!!! Please comment if you have any requests for specific pics or footage; or if you have any suggestions on specific sites, places, rides, diner’s or areas that are in proximity to our destinations !!!


21 thoughts on “Road Trip to the West Coast

  1. Dustin, that sounds like a wonderful trip! Wow. 🙂 I am happy for you and your wife. From Finland 🙂 My favorite cups and plates are from the Teema collection, brand Arabia, now called Ittala. It is very common in Finland but I just LOVE the design. I got them from my mom for graduating. It was a dream come true. 🙂 For me choosing my own set was like going to Disneyland. And now drinking from that and my Taika mug is a good memory. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

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    • Thanks feeling! My wife has a lot of those Ittala glass wear too. They have the little sticker on the rim of the cup. When I was in Finland we went to a shop that had all kinds of dishes made by that company. Quite expensive vases and things. My wife just told me that Taika means “magic”. Hmm a magic mug. Nice! 🙂

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      • Aaah! Magic is the magical word of the day! Ghegheghe.
        A good friend of mine has the glasswear too. He leaves the sticker on because that is hip and he fought with his boyfriend over leaving them on. (I don’t) And then the cleaner lady came along and she took them all off. Gheghegheghe. I know I’m not supposed to laugh, but gheghegheghe…
        Check out the magic of this – I know it must suit somebodies taste but I LOVE it 🙂 I have 2 favorite sober thea mugs from it too:

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      • If I took the stickers off I would probably be divorced! 😆 that would be a big no no. I was washing dishes and joked about it once. Her stare burnt a hole through my four head! Lol wow I will show those to Maiju. Lots of owls!

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      • Gheghegheghe… She must think me a villan for taking them off. I heard the stickerless product sells for way less than the stickered. And that you can actually buy sticker sheets at the factory. I can understand, well, to some extend. Funny thing is that the original brand is Arabia, not italla. Which is why 80% of my dishes never had the sticker. italla did nothing apart from buying all kinds of brands of original Scandinavian design around the year 1998? Ha! I actually send a letter of complaint saying that the quality of the glazing had changed for the worse. Ghegheghe, the things we do…

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  2. Make sure you post a pic of you with the Mic!

    Take your wife down to the Beachcomber at Crystal Cove for lunch. It’s right on the beach. And, if your looking for a meeting that doesn’t that doesn’t carve into your day, come join my home group at 6:45am. The Attitude Adjustment Group. We’re in the directory. Have a great trip. Sounds fun!

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    • I’ve read some reviews about it and everyone has said that it was worth the extra money. I’ve not been to Florida before. Maybe some day. 🙂 my wife is wanting to go on the Jurassic park ride. It looks fun! Thanks for your comments!

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  3. Hey Dustin, if the roads are open a trip to Sequoia is well worth it. The scenery there is truly stunning! I would advise checking road conditions/ weather updates frequently and being prepared for switching plans on the fly. Southern Cal is not bad place to be stuck in for sure!

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