Remember the eve of Christmas


Remember the eve of Christmas,

I spent shivering, in a cell.

Detoxing off of heroin,

A cold and bitter hell.

Remember the eve of Christmas, ice-crystal-222274_1280

I spent homeless, on the street.

Poison flowing through my veins,

But my heart still beat.

Remember the eve of Christmas,

ice-crystal-222274_1280When I was all alone.

The wind blew, through my soul,

It sliced right through the bone.

Remember the eve of Christmas,

When I finally, faced my fears.

ice-crystal-222274_1280The battle came, to a bloody end,

After so many painful years.

Remember the eve of Christmas,

Dark years, have long passed by.

I’m staring at our Christmas tree,

ice-crystal-222274_1280As water fills my eye.

Remember the eve of Christmas,

When life was good, indeed.

I need not open, a single gift,

I have all I’ll ever need.



40 thoughts on “Remember the eve of Christmas

  1. Nice poem Dustin. 🙂

    I told you I would eventually get around to reading your blog. Kind of funny that the first time I check it out it is this poem. You know me and you know my beliefs. Nothing happens for a reason.

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    • Thanks Steve. I wasnt sure of your last name and my brothers old high school friend was steve gardner. Once i read the comment i realized it was you. Lol. The paths in life seem blurry and deterministic until we come out the other side and realise how perfect they often turned out. Glad you finally stopped by! 🙂

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      • Everything we have been through in our past makes us the person we are today. Often times it is our greatest failures and tragedies that connect us to the people we we can’t image living without today. The absolute worst day of my life, the day my little brother died in my arms, put me on the path to meeting my wife, adopting my daughter and becoming a Christian.

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      • I agree. Without my wife i dont know where i would be. I dont even like thinking about it. Im greatful to her and other people who helped me along the way. Im glad you found some goodness after what happened. I couldnt imagine what you went through. A lady who follows my blog- her husband drown as well. You guys are some great inspiration to concouring lifes difficulties.

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