Article- Florida Beach Rehab


I was asked to write an article for about addiction and how it relates to parent/children relationships. To go to the website click the link above. To read the article, click the link below. Thank you to all my readers. I appreciate all your support, feedback and comments.


2 thoughts on “Article- Florida Beach Rehab

  1. Great article, Dustin!

    You wrote, “Once I realized the major impact childhood had on addiction, I began to look at my own relationship with my family.”
    What I love about this statement is that it highlights the sorts of things that really seem to help. Getting to the root of the problem. Not a band aid. Not replacing one drug with another. Religion seems to really help many people, but I suspect that in many cases it is simply another drug that doesn’t get at the root. Hopefully those who take the religious route don’t just stop there.

    Parenting is really challenging. Many of us marry young, before really dealing with our own issues. And then our kids pay the price. It really sucks. As a parent, I try to learn and keep apologizing. I can tend to be too harsh with my words. I just react. I’m trying to learn how to genuinely apologize, not a “I’m sorry, but you were being disobedient so that excuses my yelling.” My attitude and my words matter so much. Thanks for the reminder!

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    • You make a lot of great points. I agree with your religion view. I believe that only covers the issue and can create many other problems but that’s maybe here nor there. Sounds like you are doing some amazing work with your parenting and you should be proud. Not a whole lot of it going on in the world. Children can’t vote so we must treat them like shit I guess. It really bothers me. Sorry I took a while to get back at you. I didn’t want to breeze through such a well thought out comment. I will get your other comment tomorrow. (Pretty sure you had another?) I’m late for bed. Lol have a great week and thank you again for widening the awesome thought tank in the conversation.

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