Living with a Bi Polar Brain

My moms first post 🙂

Kris John

A little preamble to my life as it were.

Living with a Bi Polar Brain is quite different than the regular brain, so they say. I cant tell the difference? Everyone around me tells me that I am different, but I cant see it. I have been told that I should,”think before I speak.” This was told to me by a very wise young person, who doesn’t comment much unless it is a truth. So I have been working on this part of me. I have a different type, it’s Bi Polar II, which just means I am either depressed, or severely depressed. I am not lucky enough to get the highs that normal Bi Polar people get. Dang…

I am of the LDS faith, or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This is a very difficult religion to follow, rules are extremely strict. Marriage to your spouse…

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